5 Less-Riskier Investment Choices

When you say investment, you should understand that the term ‘risk’ is very much inclusive and that is the fact of the investment world! But, that doesn’t mean one cannot tread the investment world without involving huge risks, as thankfully, there are several investment schemes that offer satisfactory returns and yet, only include bearable risks, which you can choose to grow your money satisfactorily!

High-Interest Savings Account

Well, opening a savings account to deposit your money is an age-old practice and pretty much easy to follow by anyone and everyone. You just have to keep in mind to choose a reliable provider aka the bank with promising interest rates so that you could earn satisfactory returns. Apart from these, also look out for the tension-free features like online access, easy deposits, no additional fees and so on to enjoy the benefits of the scheme appropriately!

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Peer-to-Peer Lending Club

Even if you have a decent amount of money, you can enjoy satisfactory returns by keeping possible risks at the bay and that is the success of this popularly growing investment procedure. The concept here is, the reliable investors and reliable borrowers are connected via a reliable platform aka the lending website to offer a win-win situation for everyone involved. For the amount of money you had invested aka loaned to someone, you could enjoy monthly repayments with interest, without the need to constantly follow up with your borrowers, which the company aka the lending website takes care of, appreciably!

Money Market Funds

If you are an investor seeking a no-compromise-on-principle investment procedure then, this Money Market Funds investment option is the best for you! Although your principle is not disturbed, you would also be paid a decent interest amount, where the goal is to maintain the Net Asset Value (NAV) of $1/share. If you are interested in this investment option then, you can easily purchase shares of Money Market Funds from banks, mutual funds, and reliable brokerage firms, any day!

Municipal Bonds

In fact, Municipal Bonds investment choice is one of the best ways to plan for your tax savings, as you are exempted from Federal Income Tax and, also, perhaps from the state tax too when you choose to buy or invest in them. Whenever the state or the local government is in need of money for the developmental projects they issue these Municipal Bonds, which you can buy to enjoy satisfactory tax benefits and, at the same time, there is no risk or no worries that the borrower aka the government defaulting that places you in a fairly profitable situation!

Certificate of Deposits

Banks offer CDs with varying term choices, which you can choose according to your own preferences and after considering crucial financial factors. As always, longer the investment duration, higher the returns! For example, if you choose the CD with a 5-year term then, for that much length of time your cash should be deposited with the specific bank and, in the event of you breaking that deal or seeking an early maturity, you would be forced to pay a fee that might be equivalent to 3-months’ worth of interest unfortunately. But, otherwise, this investment choice is straightforward and risk-free, where you can even seek monthly returns or monthly interest payments as opposed to the interest paid at the end of the CD maturity!